End of the Day

A weary cowboy rides back to the ranch house on his horse after a day on the range.

A tired and weary cowboy rides back to the ranch house after a days work. From an acrylic painting of a working cowboy from a ranch in west-central New Mexico.

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Framed and matted prints range in price from $176.24-$423.08

What is Custom Framing?
We offer over 160 frames and 140 mats from the best manufacturers in the world. Only the highest quality products have been selected for each grade of framing. Materials are available in both conservation and non-conservation categories, so that you can choose from a rich selection of components that will fit both your style and your budget. We are not selling pre-made frames with low –grade materials like those you may find in department or furniture stores. We provide a broad range of options so that your art is just as unique as you are. Now you can imagine it, and create it!
UV Acrylic
UV acrylic is conservation quality and blocks 98% of harmful UV rays. It is lightweight, durable and resists breaking. Conservation acrylic may be cleaned with ammonia free glass cleaner. Use only soft cloths that are free of debris when cleaning acrylic to prevent scratching.© 2012 Imagekind, Inc.

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