About Me

I have been creating drawings and paintings of my native southwest for at least 30 years. My subject matter ranges from scenes of working cattle ranches to the landscapes of far west Texas and all of New Mexico, from the southern deserts to the northern mountains.
I also create abstract paintings inspired by the landscapes of the southwest. Nonrepresentational art is the ideal way for me to communicate the intuitive emotions I feel all around me.It may be a sunset, a storm or the desert and mountains of west Texas and New Mexico I see in a certain light or time of day.

I have been a fan of anime since the mid 90′s and found that unique look began to appear in my work. The inspiration for my paintings comes from my real life, the influence of my style comes from anime.

My first award in a juried art show was for “Shadow Walk” in the El Paso Art Assn. show in 1990. In my last participation in the show,in 2002, my painting “Shootout at Sundown” won a jurors award and was used to promote the show in the media.
an aspen grove sunrise in winter

After leaving the world of commercial art in 2002 I set out on my own to develop my own style of art based on a discovery I made by accident while watching T.V. back around 1995. I came across a show called “Sailor Moon” and was amazed at what I saw. It was a style of animation I had never seen before and was completely mesmerized by the drawing style.

I use spray paint as the main ingredient in my paintings to achieve a look and feel similar to, but not a recreation of anime. I also make charcoal and pastel drawings which I later digitally enhance. I think of anime as art that can be mesmerizing, compelling and very skillfully created. I wanted to incorporate a similar look and feel into my own work.

My main focus now is on my abstract work which I feel is the best medium for communicating my intuition, ideas and emotions.
I prefer abstract art because I believe I can reach people on a deeper level with paintings that don’t contain recognizable images. The viewer’s own intuition can interpret the painting in their own way.

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